India is made of makers – our cities and villages are a confluence of every skill and material – forging, weaving, sculpting the tradition and the future of the country. It is a pulsating living culture, all-pervasive across the time and place continuum.
India has approximately 200 million artisans* from master craftspersons, micro-entrepreneurs to piece rate, and job workers. They are the crafters of creativity within our culture but go unrecognized within the vast informal workforce. At this time of upheaval, we have an opportunity to re-imagine a more self-reliant, sustainable and ecologically sound future. Creative manufacturing can be the foundation of the next regenerative economy.
Our purpose is to enable vulnerable creative producers to enjoy secure and stable livelihoods and enable an ecosystem that ensures their health and wellbeing. We invite all who love the cultural creative manufacturing that we call ‘craft’ to contribute to the endeavour.
* 7 million is the official figure but guesstimates place it at nearly 200 million
 Ministry of Textiles, Government of India, Working Group Report on Handicrafts for 12th Five Year Plan, 2011; Crafts Council of India, Craft Economics and Impact Study: Stage 1 & Stage 2, 2011

Creative Dignity is a movement that has brought together diverse creative producers, practitioners and professionals to energise the ecosystem that Indian artisans need in this time of COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 impact. Our focus is to provide relief, and rejuvenation of the artisans in a bid to ensure their sustained prosperity.


In the first three months,
we aim to provide immediate
assistance – cash, food & comfort
to artisans in distress reaching
the most vulnerable artisans
to provide ration kits and support
in identifying sale worthy stocks


From the 3- 12 months, we will seek to equip & prepare the artisan ecosystem for scale so that artisans can have stability in income


From 12 – 36 months, we aspire to
drive sustainability and scale in the
handicrafts industry to generate crafts
industry growth twice that
of the GDP growth

Please feel free to flip through our six monthly report

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