We are extremely thankful to all artisan and community champions volunteers, on-ground partners, funders, and supporters who’ve stepped up and collaborated to stand firmly with our communities ensuring health, safety, and livelihoods support.

Creative Dignity is a movement that has brought together diverse creative producers, practitioners, and professionals to energize the ecosystem that Indian artisans need in this time of COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 impact. Our focus is to provide relief, and rejuvenation to the artisans in a bid to ensure their sustained prosperity.

Our vision is to enable artisans to become equal and active participants in building a thriving ecosystem of the future that brings well-being for the planet and people.


A world where artisans have agency to thrive with dignity.


Enabling knowledge, tools and networks for artisans to be equal stakeholders in creating regenerative economies.


INR 1.43+ Cr 

was raised in 2020 and 2021 collectively


Covid relief kits were distributed in 2020 & 2021


digital catalogs got made and shared on the CD website


artisans got on-boarded onto various marketing platforms for online sales

Rs.5 Cr 

worth of stocks got liquidated through the platforms, exhibitions and whatsapp sales.


online marketplaces collaborated with CD to open out marketing opportunities for artisans


student interns


professionals from the ecosystem



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    We are excited to offer you all the opportunity to become a part of our "Artisan Saathi" Program.

    A little bit about the program-
    We are in the process of creating a platform like LinkedIn for the craft sector! A place where artisans, craft entrepreneurs, buyers, designers, students & organizations can tell their stories and discover each other.

    How will I contribute as a volunteer?
    As a volunteer, you will support artisans in making a profile on the platform and assist them while they get comfortable using the technology. In the process, you will support them in telling their story, photographing their work, cataloging their products, and setting up a digital payment system. As a Saathi, you will be their point for contact and assist them in their journey.

    Basic Skills required:
    Good communication & people skills
    Basic knowledge and comfort in using smartphones

    Time per week: 1 hour/day

    Total time commitment: Min. 3 months

    The program starts on the 20th of October, if you are excited to work directly with artisans, learn more about their practice, and if you fulfill the requirements mentioned above, please fill the form link in our bio or DM us for the link by 12th October.

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    Join us in a celebration of artisanal creations of Maharashtra on the 16th & 17th of October, 2021, 10.30am to 8.30pm at Monalisa Kalagram, Koregaon Park, Pune.

    This festive season buy handcrafted Kolhapuri chappals, baskets, Paithani and Khun sarees, Kolhapuri jewelry, Warli art, quilts, Khadi sarees, bed linen, artisanal copper products, ceramic, and terracotta pottery directly from the makers.
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    @sethswati has over twenty years of diverse work experience spread across design, e-commerce, digital media, artisanal sector, and cultural experiences space. Swati has traveled extensively in rural India to explore and learn about indigenous cultures and their homegrown, unique artisanal products, food, and traditions. As a passionate advocate and promoter of indigenous Indian crafts, she wanted to work with the weavers and artisans at the grassroots.

    In 2010, she decided to quit the corporate rat race to
    start @thecolorcaravan and has been working at the grassroots with artisanal communities to empower them and sustain and promote indigenous craft skills.

    In 2016, she took another leap of faith which resulted in she and The Color Caravan moving to the hills with the intent of slowing down and working with the local craft community and the village women. She also curates and facilitates cultural immersive experiences focusing on indigenous crafts, food and forest healing.

    A farm girl at heart, she is striving for a slow paced, self-sufficient and intentional life based out of Naggar, a quaint village in the Kullu valley, from where she has also played a key role in representing, actioning and being Creative Dignity - Himachal Pradesh.

    Like a Swati you can too add to the movement, catalyze it and make it your own. Become a CD member - link in bio!

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    Badly hit by the pandemic, the artisans of our country need love and support, now more than ever. Artisan Direct Showcase is our solution to the mounting inventory issues faced by the artisans unable to reach potential buyers and appreciators of craft directly. We invite all craft enthusiasts, businesses, or individuals to shop and source directly with the artisans through the showcase. Join this free, no-strings-attached group through easy sign-up, and explore 350+ diverse well-documented craft catalogs, from all parts of the country every day. Find the one that fits your aesthetics, we connect you directly with the maker and voilà!

    Click the link in bio to sign up!

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    What a lovey articulation of the wonders that exist in watching a loom at work! Thank you @diamirzaofficial for sharing this powerful message with those that look up to you and showing your support for the weavers.

    Reposted from @diamirzaofficial There is so much to love, respect and treasure about our #IndianHandlooms!!!

    Have you ever witnessed our master craftsmen/women at work? It is easily one of the most spellbinding processes. The precision and fluidity with which those hands and feet move so perfectly synchronised with the rhythm of the loom creating poetry in motion…

    These craft forms are ours to celebrate everyday ❤️

    Let’s come together to celebrate the culturally rich and incredible textiles of India. Let’s appreciate the hands behind the looms that work meticulously to weave the finest of the fabrics.

    #DilseHandloom #IamHandloomingit #CreativeDignity #SDGs #GlobalGoals #NationalHandloomDay

    @aradhana_nagpal along with @creativedignity and @antaran_transformingcrafts have initiated #DilSeHandloom #IAmHandloomingIt and it is to spread the message of love, respect and a way for us to come together to show our support for our crafts people.

    This is a forever #Saree by @raw_mango 😍

    Photo by @khamkhaphotoartist @sardarsinghvirk

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    A 31 year old single mother of a toddler from Jaitpur barabanki, UP. Shabnam Bano stepped out of her house in terribly bad circumstances but broke all barriers and now she has a group of 22 weavers with her. She loves learning new weaving techniques and designs and also teaching her own skills to others. She is extremely hopeful for her future as a weaver. She has been practising this craft for the last 12 years as well as travelling with her products doing the marketing herself. She says "nobody liked when I started weaving but now for me there's no looking back".

    Look at her amazing work @shabnam_weaves


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    Learning early from his parents and surroundings, Nitin Goud was always inspired to take his family's handloom work to the next level with his entrepreneurial and design skills, especially those he imbibed @thehandloomschool. Nitin enjoys managing and grounding his page @ruhi_handloom , studying the market trends, exploring mood boards and fresh design ideas, and drafting his ideas on paper while his family brings these imaginations to life!

    Visit @ruhi_handloom to see Nitin and his family's beautiful creations that are an ode to their Maheshwari weaving dharohar (heritage).

    #dilseHandloom #IamHandloomingit #HandbehindtheLoom

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    Check out the lovely creations @bindi_weaves_of_bengal ❤❤

    Reposted from @bindi_weaves_of_bengal Cottons from the Bengal Region were and still are considered one of the finest Cotton fabrics around the world.
    Bengal has numerous Clusters and each Cluster has their specilalized unique Weaves.
    Begumpuris Sarees are only Woven in the small Town of Begumpur.
    The simple cotton handloom sarees are know for their eye catching colour combinations and attractive borders and pallus. Originally, they had lower count cotton sarees, mostly 60, but currently, they have introduced fine 100 count cottons as well.
    The booming popularity lead to a number of copies at different places at a lower price, but the copies are nowhere near the cotton quality of the original.
    Wearing a 100 count Begumpuri with Fish Motifs and Vertical Buti Stripes.
    Dm for Inquiries and Price
    #dilsehandloom #iamhandloomingit #begumpurisaree #begampuri #begumpur #handloom #handloomcotton #handsofwestbengal

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    Reposted from @danggeetika Celebrate the rich heritage of handloom.
    Let’s salute all the wearers and craft communities who have tirelessly worked to preserve the country's craft and heritage.
    #dilsehandloom #iamhandloomingit @creativedignity @stutigupta13

    Nominate 5 people who love Indian handloom, spread the message and let’s come together to show our support! Ask them to draw the weave sign on their hand, pick their favourite loom and post a story or post, use the hashtags I have used above and tag @creativedignity.
    I nominate @ishuug @ishitakhirbat @sudiptamittal20 @malvika.khajuria @shraddhaa.amarpuri @jiasingh @shraddhamodi @naina.pachnanda @deepikanagpal.gupta @deekayinsta @dishabsubramanium @sneha_sahai

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